TCF Artist Spotlight: Theresa Andersson

We have already told you about the best one man band show in Texas, Shake Graves, but now it is time for the one woman wonder of Louisiana, Theresa Andersson. Raised in Sweden and based in New Orleans, Theresa got her start recording sweet harmonies in her own kitchen.

Sampling Smokey Johnson’s “I Can’t Help It”, Andersson crafts a bit of a ‘60s revival in “Birds Fly Away.” Handclaps, soda bottles and dulcimers join an arsenal of guitar, violin, drums and tambourine… Now remember, she is the only one on stage. In concert, she performs without a backing band; instead, she re-creates her lush sound using a two-tiered panel of foot pedals, sampling herself and looping her sounds. With her toes turning knobs, as her hands strum guitar or bow a violin, and she sings with a charismatic smile that belies her intense concentration.

The result is a choreographed dance accompanying each song; unique and spontaneous. By layering one effect atop another, Theresa heightens the anticipation, literally building songs from scratch that turn into grand orchestrated masterpieces. In “Birds Fly Away,” she draws from many muses at once, and the result sounds like a one-woman wonder.

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Posted Mar 04, 2013