TCF Artist Spotlight: Heartless Bastards

Brimming with confidence and creativity, Arrow sees Heartless Bastards pushing their distinctive sound forward with their most eclectic, energetic collection thus far.  The album – the Austin, Texas-based band’s first release with Partisan Records – is marked as ever by singer/guitarist/songwriter Erika Wennerstrom’s remarkable voice, at turns primal and pleading, heartfelt and heroic.  Songs like “Parted Ways” and the searing “Low Low Low” expertly capture the Bastards’ multi-dimensional rock in all its strength and spirit.  Following upon the difficult introspection of 2009′s acclaimed third album, The Mountain, Arrow stands as a powerhouse new beginning for Heartless Bastards.

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TCF Artist Spotlight: The Filthy Six

The Filthy Six are the most exciting, authentic Soul Jazz outfit in the UK today and have established themselves as one of the most electric live acts around. Their soaring horns, blistering guitar and gut-wrenching organ are fuelled by the hardest grooving rhythm section this side of the Atlantic producing a hip-shakingly powerful mixture of jazz, funk and boogaloo totally in keeping with the finest traditions of the Blue Note sound.

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TCF Artist Spotlight: Brownout

To put it simply, Brownout! performs the nastiest latin funk music out today. This band of “party rocking legends” was resurrected from the same tequila soaked border town explosion that originated the highly acclaimed latin powerhouse Grupo Fantasma. Fresh off the worldwide release of their debut album on the UK’s prestigious Freestyle Records, the band has made waves internationally amongst DJ’s, tastemakers and good music fans alike.

Brownout! is an 8 piece ensemble complete with 2 guitars, bass, no nonsense latin percussion, and a horn section worthy of backing everyone from Prince to Spoon.

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TCF Artist Spotlight: Dimitri’s Rail

Dimitri’s Rail has been rising to the top of the national rock scene over the past few years. The band was formed by lead singer/songwriter Paul Ehmer. They released their first EP with Universal Music Group/Fontana “Wake Up” through Indie Extreme Desert Highway Records in 2010. The title track, “Wake Up”, received airplay on major market radio stations such as 94.5 The Buzz in February of 2010, reaching #51 on the national play list for the station.

The band continued to sustain a top 10 national ranking on the Clear Channel New Music Network which is used to select artists for national airplay. With this success, Dimitri’s Rail received airplay nationally with the single “Will Never Break” from their national debut album in February of 2011.

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TCF Artist Spotlight: Iron Horse

Anyone listening to the innovative, hard-driving instrumental licks and strong, precise Blue Grass harmonies of Iron Horse will want to strap in to their seat and prepare to be thrilled with the ride.  The compilations produced by this extremely progressive band truly bring delights to the listening experience. These guys are uniquely gifted in arrangement and presentation of lyrics and melody.

The belief that a group of men, with the help of God, can do anything certainly has found wings within the hearts of Iron Horse members, Tony Robertson (mandolin,) Vance Henry (guitar,) Ricky Rogers (bass,) and Anthony Richardson (banjo.)

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TCF Artist Spotlight: Charlie Daniels Band

Charlie Daniels, best known for his No. 1 country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” which became a platinum single, topped both country and pop charts, won a Grammy Award, earned three CMA trophies, became a cornerstone of the “Urban Cowboy” movie soundtrack and propelled Daniels’ Million Mile Reflections album to triple-platinum sales levels, just released a new album on April 1st titled Off the Grid - Doin’ it Dylan! The newly released album is CDB’s first since 2007 and pays tribute to arguably one of the greatest songwriters in American history. Of course CDB puts their own spin on the Dylan classics and this time with an added twist. The whole album is acoustic, hence the name “Off the Grid”.

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